About US

We at IDE-UK understand that money is a scarce resource. Not everyone has the luxury of having all the money that he or she needs to get by or buy what he or she wants. That is why we believe that we should extend a helping hand to the people who need money by providing them with short-term loans that they can use to augment their resources.

IDE-UK believes that when we help other people, we should not make the process complicated for them. When you help, you want to give assistance the soonest possible time to answer the need of the people. We want to do away with the bureaucratic transactions that may take days for accomplishing the requirements and processing of the loan. The entire process is tedious and oftentimes leaves the person in need of money in such a deeper financial debt and greater need. To answer this challenge, our company has made the decision that all transactions will be done online. We also give a fair chance to borrowers with bad credit so that they can have an opportunity to redeem themselves, improve their financial situation, and recover their credit standing.

IDE-UK is an innovative company that seeks to provide financial assistance in the fastest and least intrusive manner. We have a team of dedicated financial consultants, credit investigators, and credit risk management that work fluidly to ensure the quick and timely processing of your loan.
IDE-UK promises complete confidentiality of your information. We will provide you with your much needed cash through our fast service guarantee. We commit to having a one-day turnaround time for the loan applications that we receive that is why we work around the clock to ensure that the transaction is completed within 24 hours. Our clients will get a quick lump sum payback which they can use for emergency, paying off their other debts, and other purposes they deem necessary to spend the money on.

At IDE-UK, we make sure that you get financial assistance faster.

The IDE-UK office is located in Suite 25 Elizabeth Street Victoria State New York, USA. Kindly take note that we do not accept walk-in clients in our office. All transactions concerning loan applications are done online.

Our hotline numbers are 1 568-265-0236. You can reach us by email at info@ide-uk.org.